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Composite Add On Mini Shed Blue

Composite Add On Mini Shed Blue

$ 249.95

This Mini Shed Library Add-On is a great complement to your existing Little Free Library book-sharing box, and is now available in composite material! With a side-mounting piece included, it can easily be added to a post underneath any of our libraries, and is a great way to offer more books or additional resources to your neighborhood. This easy care, composite material is made out of recycled milk jugs and will last for years with little to no maintenance required. 

Read here about a steward from Chicago who's using the Mini Shed Add On to share food pantry items and PPE in twenty underserved neighborhoods on Chicago.

Key Mini Add On Uses:

  • Children's book section
  • Little Free Pantry
  • Little Free Art Gallery
  • Extra book storage

What does "Easy Care" mean? 

  • Assembled with eco-friendly plastic lumber made out of recycled milk jugs
  • Negligible water absorption so mold and mildew cannot penetrate surface
  • Corrosion free
  • Pest free. Bugs, insects and termites cannot infiltrate below the surface

  • Resistant to UV and harsh weather climates
  • Easy to clean, mild soap and rinse with water will do
  • No splintering, cracking or warping
  • Surface embossed textures available for slip-resistance and aesthetic design
  • Resistant to most chemical exposures
  • 95% recycled content certification meeting FTC Green Guidelines


  • Installation takes under 5 minutes
  • Weighs 20 lbs
  • See product photo for dimensions

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